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The Complete Jazz Articulation Guide
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Can you recognize these tunes?
da hoo da hoo da dit da hoo da hoo da dit
day doo dit doo da da hoo day doo dow
da dwee daht da hoo da hoo dle da hoo da dool ya doo dn da da

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Alex Terrier is a French musician based in New York who has been associated with Kenny Barron, George Garzone, the Grammy Award winning Mingus Big Band and many more. 
He leads his own bands and is hailed by Dave Liebman as "a very impressive saxophonist and composer". For more info visit www.alexterriermusic.com

"A first-rate composer"

"Alex Terrier's soprano is one of the more poetic and naturally sounding expressions heard out of that horn in a long while"
S. Victor Aaron, jazz.com

"Alex Terrier exhibits many of the same qualities associated with George Garzone: a compelling logic in the construction of his long solos accompanied by a ready recourse to the outer reaches of the vocabulary that both players have inherited from Coltrane."
All About Jazz

"Alex is a very gifted and expressive saxophonist. He's shown in performance a very strong developing conception as a composer and a soloist"
– Joe Lovano

"A performance that fans of the Blue Note Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter sides should appreciate."
-Ron Weinstock